Reassuring investigation for Paul

Paul Johnson, 49, a healthcare business consultant from South Gloucestershire, wanted to be certain that he was not at risk from a cancer which had taken his father at the same age he is now. A colonoscopy at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre gave Paul the reassurance he needed.

Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre - Success Stories - Paul Johnson“The procedure was excellent. Everything was done when I was told it would be done and communication was accurate and good. Emersons Green is a pleasant environment to be treated in and they really think about the whole experience – from free parking and attractive waiting areas to the attitude of the staff who never seem to look harassed and who always have time for you as a patient and the fact that you can receive treatment at weekends.”

He added:

“I’ve told lots of people about how great the experience was. My advice to anyone thinking about accessing treatment at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre is to do it – the experience is absolutely fantastic.”

Paul has also received treatment at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre’s sister hospital, Devizes NHS Treatment Centre. This was for a procedure on his nose to help him breathe more easily.

While not life-threatening, the condition had an impact on Paul’s life. Aside from a reliance on nasal sprays he also suffered headaches, nose bleeds and snoring, and the condition could be triggered by any allergic reaction.

Pamela Mackie, Hospital Director for both Emersons Green and Devizes NHS Treatment Centres, commented:

“We are delighted to hear that Paul has been happy with his treatment at both of our Treatment Centres. Patient satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and positive feedback is always welcomed.”

Both Emersons Green and Devizes NHS Treatment Centres are part of the local choice of care for NHS patients in the region. If your GP decides that you need treatment you can choose to have your NHS treatment at either Treatment Centre.