Hip, hip, knee, knee hurray for Ann!

Retired nurse Ann Gilbert, 80, from Bristol, has just had a total knee replacement which makes it her fourth major joint replacement carried out at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre.Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre Ann-Gilbert

Ann had her first knee replacement in 2014, followed by her first hip replacement in 2015, second hip replacement in 2016 and her most recent operation in March this year.

She hopes that when she has recovered from this latest knee replacement that she will be able to return to her love of swimming. “Before having my knee replacements my knees used to lock, which made swimming difficult,” she said.

Ann has been delighted to return to Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre for all her joint replacement surgery. She commented: “I’ve never had any complaints about my treatment at Emersons Green and it feels like a holiday. Everything is done for you and everyone is so helpful, pleasant and polite – from the cleaners to the surgeons.”

She added: “The hospital is spick and span and everyone there really looks after everyone. I trained as a nurse in the 1950s and the attitude at Emersons Green is very similar to what it was then – total care of the patient. I have had experience of three different hospitals other than Emersons Green, and I can honestly say that Emersons Green is the best I have ever been to.”

Ever since her first operation Ann has been recommending Emersons Green to friends – even to a visiting nurse who mentioned she needed a new hip. Ann said: “People can make a choice about where they are treated and my advice is always, go to Emersons Green and why not – it’s the best treatment available.”

One of the nursing team who looked after Ann was health care assistant Julie Thompson. Julie said: “It was a pleasure to nurse Ann, who as a former nurse really understood everything we do to make our patients’ time with us as comfortable and effective as possible.”

Patricia Warwick, Hospital Director at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre, commented: “We are delighted that Ann has shared such a high opinion of our care and that she has chosen us for all four of her major joint replacements. The needs of the patient sit at the heart of everything that we do and it is lovely to get affirmation of that from a patient who was also a health care professional. We wish Ann a speedy and complete recovery from her surgery and that she is back in the swimming pool very soon.”

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