Busy mum finds treatment experience ‘brilliant’

When busy mum of four boys Nicole Beebee, 41, from Winterbourne, was diagnosed with suspected polyps, she knew that she needed a treatment option that would fit around her career and family, and which would be reassuring, convenient and effective.

Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre - Success Stories - Nicole BeebeeNicole, who is Community Fundraiser at the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, chose to have her treatment at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre which, according to Nicole, is “brilliant”.

“Having the diagnosis was worrying and it was important to me to have the biopsy as quickly as possible, so that I could know exactly what we were dealing with and get effective treatment so we could get back to normal.”

Nicole’s experience of Emersons Green was good from the start.

“It was professional, caring, and a very clean and safe environment. The staff explained things carefully and put my mind at rest. I was really pleased with the whole experience, even down to how quick and easy it was to book an appointment on-line. As a busy working woman, wife and mum to four boys, making appointments can be hard but this was so easy!”

Since having her operation, Nicole is much better and getting on with life. She explained:

“The worry and stress of not knowing what my suspected growths were was a great emotional strain, and having the operation has made me feel much happier.”

She added:

“If anyone is worried about being treated at Emersons Green, my advice would be ‘don’t panic’. The treatment centre is brilliant: it is easy to find, with plentiful free parking (what a godsend!). The staff are helpful and caring and it’s a great place to be – I’d recommend Emersons Green to anyone.”

Pamela Mackie, Hospital Director at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre, commented:

“We are so pleased that Nicole’s experience has been a good one and we are grateful for her supportive comments. Nicole is one of thousands of NHS patients who have chosen, and continue to choose, us for their treatment and we are very much part of the local NHS patient choice environment. If anyone would like to know more about getting treatment with us we would be delighted to hear from them – our friendly staff are here ready to help.”

Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre is part of the choice local patients have for where they receive NHS treatment. Provided it is for a procedure which is carried out at the hospital, if your GP agrees that you require treatment he or she can refer you.